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Healing With Christ Meditation

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Product Description

This is about a 14 minute meditation that may help you feel closer to your Savior Jesus Christ.  In this meditation, you will go to your favorite restful place and feel the presence of your Savior and be blessed by him.

After you place your order, the meditation will be emailed to you in an mp3 format.

The meditation is included with all packages!  (One copy per client.)

Listen to a sample of the meditation below.



Meriden is a patient and compassionate life coach and has assisted me in healing trauma and childhood wounds better than any therapist I’ve visited. I highly recommend Meriden’s guided imagery meditation.   I struggle with insomnia, and when I listen to her meditation I can relax and go back to sleep.

Nancy H.

This is such a soothing meditation. I love Meriden’s soft, warm voice which guides me to walk closely with my Savior. I feel His gentle touch, light and amazing love for me as I listen to this meditation. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to melt away the stress of the day and just be with Jesus.

Shar D.