I have had the pleasure of several sessions with Meriden.  She has helped me release layer upon layer of trapped emotions stemming from a variety of sources ranging from events occurring years ago to the recent loss of my soulmate.  It is difficult to describe the relief I can feel with each session.  I encourage everyone to allow their emotional baggage to be released.  It will make an amazing difference in your life.

Wayne H.

Meriden is Amazing!! She is loving, caring, and sensitive to my individual circumstances. She does her best to find the trapped emotions, where they may have come from, and then releases them. As I have worked with Meriden, I am finding more light, peace, happiness, and purpose to my life!! My relationships are growing stronger, and I am enjoying life more!! Thank you Meriden! 🙂                                           

Julie T

Meriden has helped me work miracles in my life through Emotion Code and other techniques.  I have been able to unburden my body and spirit of the trapped emotions and harmful residue left by the trials that have come in my life. I have suffered much physical pain including headaches, back pain and Fibromyalgia, which, through working with Meriden have been relieved! I am now able to be ME, and stand up for myself and be the happy healthy person I have known I could be, no longer trapped under the burden of emotional garbage that gets heaped upon us through life’s experiences and contact with others and their emotions.                                                       

Callie H

Working with Meriden has been AMAZING to say the least. She is so enlightened and close to the spirit. Every single session has been so spiritual and it still amazes me how she is able to find things and ages so spot on! Thank you again Meriden!!!

Aimee J

I did a birth clearing session with Meriden and it was so beneficial! Everything she talked about was right in line with things that I have struggled with my entire life. Within a few minutes of the sessions I could feel the emotions of the beliefs I took on at birth and then a few minutes later I felt it all lift. Because of my session with her my feet are even more firmly planted in my mission and sharing my message. I feel more capable of moving forward. Thank Meriden for sharing your gifts with me. You are a treasure!

Cytel S

Meriden is a very gifted person when doing energy work on me. She has a natural gift for spiritual discernment and is mind-blowingly accurate when retrieving ages, releasing false beliefs, and instilling truth from ancestors. Through the many sessions we have together, she been able to raise my vibration which in turn raises the immune system and has helped me to heal on emotional, spiritual, and physical levels that I never could have imagined! She is non-judgmental and is always filled with peace and compassion to make my spirit feel safe. Meriden you are a wonderful mentor and an inspiration, thank you!

Lisa S