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Release of Birth Emotions


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For the month of July, buy one session, or group of sessions and receive an equal or lesser value for 1/2 price!

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We come into this life already feeling emotions.  Some trapped emotions are at the time of birth, especially if it’s a traumatic birth, we absorb emotions from our parents while in the womb, and we can even bring emotions with us from the preconception.  This is a shorter session which focuses on birth emotions, releasing about 10-20 emotions, depending on the person.

I have really enjoyed releasing birth emotions, having some amazing experiences!


I did a birth clearing session with Meriden and it was so beneficial! Everything she talked about was right in line with things that I have struggled with my entire life. Within a few minutes of the sessions I could feel the emotions of the beliefs I took on at birth and then a few minutes later I felt it all lift. Because of my session with her my feet are even more firmly planted in my mission and sharing my message. I feel more capable of moving forward. Thank Meriden for sharing your gifts with me. You are a treasure!

Cytel S

Meriden is amazing at healing my birth and pre-birth emotions and trauma. I thought I had already done enough work. She is gifted enough to find out the things that I missed and clears them efficiently. We also were able to find a deep emotion attached to my pre-earth life. Meriden held such a loving compassionate space as we explored the circumstance behind the belief. She did not judge or force me to go in a certain direction when I was figuring out the event. Instead she allowed me to come to a deep peace with an unconventional truth. Meriden holds amazing space and gets a lot done. She is worth your investment. Once I was done, I could feel a physical shift in my energy. Thank you Meriden for your service!! And thank you for channeling and identifying my angels. That was super special!! I ❤ my namesake guardian angel.
Kerstin M