Butterfly Emerging 3

Mentoring: Three 1-hour sessions



Product Description

Do you feel stuck in your life?  Do you need some extra help to move ahead?  Or, to accomplish your goals?

Do you want to become an energy healer and are not sure where to begin?

I love helping people overcome their emotional, physical, and physical barriers by helping them emerge into the light of who they truly are.  That happens through helping you identify and remove false beliefs, trapped emotions (including emotions from birth and from the pre-earth life), old generational patterns, and so much more.

Mentoring sessions will help you learn to love yourself, move forward with your life, and accomplish your dreams!

A typical mentoring session includes goal setting with accountability, dreaming about your goals, removing blocks that prevent you from accomplishing your goals and dreams, and various energy healing modalities.  We will work on raising your vibrations to help you better love yourself and to attract your goals and dreams.  Simple assignments will be given each session to help reinforce the mentoring.  I love working with people to help them achieve their goals and dreams and emerge to fulfill their potential and their earthly missions.

The Healing With Christ Mediation is included in this package.