When I first learned about energy healing, like most people, felt very skeptical.  It didn’t take long until I was completely amazed at the power of energy healing.  I couldn’t believe how the person that was working with me could determine events from the past that created strong emotions.  Since then, I have been amazed at the results of energy work.  I have seen clients feel peace.  I saw a baby who didn’t sleep well for 3 week, suddenly sleep for several hours after a session. I have seen pains disappear.  I have seen clients suddenly able to move forward.  I love doing energy work, helping others to feel better emotionally and physically, and helping them Emerge to become the people they are meant to become!!

Meriden Toombs is a native of Minnesota, but currently lives in the country near Farmington, Missorui.  She received a Bachelor’s degree in Family Financial Planning from Brigham Young University and a Masters in Education from the University of Phoenix.  She has worked in financial planning, a business owner, and a teacher.  Her favorite career is a mom to her two, now adult, sons.

Meriden Toombs