A couple years ago, I started to meditate, almost every day, well, several times a week.  I have grown to love meditation.  I always heard about the benefits of meditation, but it took time before I decided to try it for myself.

Some of the benefits of meditation include:

Stress reduction

Improved concentration

Increased inspiration

Greater focus

Lessened depression and anxiety

Reduced blood pressure

And, the list goes on and on.  All you need to do is Google “benefits of meditation” and you will find these benefits and so many more.

I purchased the book Christ-Centered Meditation by Pam Blackwell to learn more about meditation, and especially Christ-centered meditation.  One part that caught my attention was where Dr. Blackwell states, “We as meditators have found, just for starters, that when one meditates on a daily basis, even if for only twenty minutes a day, it makes the rest of one’s life much more clear, efficient, and compassionate.  One’s life just runs more smoothly in many delightfully surprising ways as one take up meditation seriously.  It is an investment of your time that pays big dividends—and bigger and bigger as one meditates more diligently.  I am confident that you will find, as I have, that one gets much more done in the day—both inside oneself, outside oneself, and with others—the more one meditates in a day.  To put it bluntly, every minute you put into meditation will get you two extra minutes (at least!).  And those two minutes will be more peaceful, efficient, compassionate, and yes, spiritual—no matter how mundane or maybe even unpleasant the activity you are engaged in—that they would have been if you had not done so.”

If I can do something that will help increase my time, or use my time more efficiently, I’ll all for that!

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Healing With Christ Meditation

There are many different ways to meditate.  You can repeat a mantra (phrase), use guided imagery, mindfulness meditation, Kundalini meditations, or a myriad of other types.  You can search YouTube for meditations and find meditations for sleep, stress and anxiety relief, affirmations, abundance, hope, and just about anything that you would like to mediate about.

I love meditating.  I can’t say that for every minute that I’ve meditated that I’ve received an extra two minutes, maybe I have and just didn’t realize it.  I do know that mediating has helped me to focus, helped me to fall back asleep (I wake up a lot at night), and given me increased energy.

Here are a couple of my favorite meditations:

Armor of God Guided Meditation


Chakra Healing Guided Meditation


Manifesting Your Desires


Then, there is my meditation, Healing with Christ 🙂

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Healing With Christ Meditation

Happy Meditating!


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